I’m so excited about these books! Slim and Scrumptious and Food Cures by  Joy Bauer are not only written well, but so much thought and organization were put into each chapter and each recipe, they make meal planning so simple, that you really have no excuse to not eat well. 

I was always aware of my caloric intake, and therefore fortunate enough that I’ve never had to go on a “real” diet.  Ever since I started this blog, however, my journey of learning to cook and deconstructing dishes somehow made me immune to counting calories. I’m so glad that each dish in Slim and Scrumptious is literally slim and scrumptious! Not only is the nutritional value listed for each recipe, but I get to buy fresh food! No diet program frozen packages for me please!  Now, I’m eating right, I’m eating light and I’m STILL learning to cook!  Score!

Next on my to cook list:  Baked Tilapia with Spicy Tomato-Pineapple Relish recipe.

Food Cures - I love, love, love this book.  For each health concern from the top of your hairy (or not so hairy) head, down to your twinkling little toes,  Joy gives you a grocery list along with meal plans and suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. There’s an abundance of great information in Food Cures that this simply is a must read.  Did I say I love this book?

I have frizzy but healthy hair so I won’t need help in that department, BUT,  I’ll be following Joy’s suggestions for beautiful skin, insomnia and a few more I don’t care to mention at the moment. :)  I’ll keep you posted on my progress, and no I won’t be taking before and after pictures of my T-Zone, sorry. 

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.



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